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If you live in Switzerland or have visited our country, the word Cornavin most likely sounds familiar to you. Our brand was founded in Geneva and was named after the city's central district. When you arrive in Geneva by train, you'll get off at the 'Gare de Cornavin', walk across the 'Place de Cornavin' and most likely will walk along the 'Rue de Cornavin'. 

A CORNAVIN ad from 1953 shows the watch wrapped around Geneva train station 'Gare de Cornavin'

Needless to say, Cornavin is a part of Switzerland as much as it is part of the Swiss watchmaking history. The city of Geneva has always been an inspiration for the Cornavin collections. Because the brand was named after the city's central disctrict, the collections you will find today are named 'Downtown' and 'Bellevue' as an hommage to the brand's origin.

In the 1960s Cornavin's headquarters were on the famous Rue du Mont-Blanc in Geneva, right where the Rhône flows into Lake Geneva. While the heart of the brand remains in Geneva, the headquarters are today based in Zurich, just a short walk away from the famous Bahnhofstrasse.