Why Blue Dials Are So Popular

For the last couple of years, blue dials have taken the watch industry by storm. The classic yet intense color is a must-have for every watch enthusiast. While the color blue is easy to match with, it also exudes a level of confidence and style.Blue Dial Cornavin CO 2021-2004

Shades of Blue

Blue is the color of the sea and the sky. It signifies reliability, stability, inspiration. All attributes that you want in a watch that sits on your wrist on a daily basis. Take for example the Cornavin CO 2021-2026 with its honeycomb-structured ocean blue dial which is perfectly paired with a 41mm stainless steel case and bracelet.

Cornavin CO 2021-2026

A more classic approach was taken on Cornavin's Big Date Collection blue dial. A more vibrant shade of blue is elegantly paired with a black calf leather strap on this 43mm Cornavin CO.BD.04.L. This shows you could collect only blue dialed watches and still enjoy an unending array of effects and finishes.

Cornavin CO.BD.04.L
Blue is a primary color and therefore complements almost every other shade. You can dress a blue watch up with a gold case or a bronze bezel. A blue dialed Watch will pair well with a blue rubber strap, a brown leather band, a stainless steel bracelet, or anything in between.
Discover a variety of Blue Dials in all Cornavin Collections and pick your favorite option.
Cornavin CO 2021-2004